Pat Chapman


About the Artist

Light has color and movement and these are the qualities I want to convey when I paint.  I like the sense of place that landscapes and nature provide -- a space of light and shadow that you can "walk into."  I also like the gestures inherent in figural paintings.  I want the gestures to denote mood, as well as movement and rhythm.


I grew up in Texas and moved to Santa Fe with my family in 1972.  I've lived here or near Denver since that time.  Most of my art education was in Denver. I obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Colorado at Denver (UCD) in 1992.  


I then studied with several artists and belonged to two large art groups, winning a number of awards with the Denver Allied Artists Guild.  I also twice won awards -- 2nd Place Miniature Portraits and 2nd Place Oils in "Gateway to the Rockies," a regional show held in Aurora, Colorado.


My family and I moved back to Santa Fe for the third time in 2000.  I am a member of the Santa Fe Society of Artists, the Santa Fe Artists Market, and the New Mexico Fine Arts and Crafts Guild.  I'm delighted to be painting full-time in Santa Fe now.